Property insurance

Do you sleep peacefully when your property is unsecured thousand miles away from you? Don’t take the risk to loose your holiday home or your investment just because you forgot to insure it.
Of course we cannot save you the disappointment if something really happens to your property, but at least we can cover the losses.
We work with the biggest insurance companies in Bulgaria and we can always select the best offer for your property. Just contact us with the details of your property and we will give you a quote shortly!
Anyway the price of the insurances in Bulgaria is quite low and here is an example for you:

EXAMPLE: cost of the property – 30 000 EUR 
                cost of the furniture –    2000 EUR
You can insure all this against: fire, explosion of a container under pressure, natural calamities such as thunderstorm, hurricane, hailstorm, pouring rain including damages of falling woods and branches, wetting by water pipes, waste pipes, central heating, vandalism, hit by flying objects or vehicles, earthquake, housebreaking and intentional arson for just 125 EUR per year !!!

Our fee for this service is 10 EUR !!! Don’t waste anymore time and contact us!


We realize how difficult could be to have a company in a foreign country and to take good care of it not knowing the local laws, rules and terms, which are changing probably too often. We know how difficult is to find a proper solicitor, accountant, architect, translator or insurance company, sometimes all at the same time. We have already been through it...
That's why we have created...
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